Elemen Tea

Panchabhootas appear prominently in all Vedic literature. These elements, also known as “bhootas” or “tattvas”, are electro-magnetic principles. They are fundamental energies of nature and are the primary forces underlying creation. Thus, they are present within mankind uniquely manifested in the chakras of the subtle body.

According to the Vedas the five elements formed the basis for all creation including the human body. Akasha, vayu, agni, apas and prithvi manifest within the body as Guna, Tatwa, rupa, rasa and Gandha resulting in panchagnanendriyas, karmendriyas, koshas, naiads and chakras to make the body function properly.

We at Dhieo Bio Vedic, after research into various scriptures have developed these infusions for the five elements and the trigunas (vata, pitta, kapha). They balance the functionality of the chakras and the elements to help in restoring harmony and balance. They aid in enhancing your senses and improve the body metabolism.

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Earth ElemenTea

The Earth ElemenTea balances the mooladhara chakra and stimulates the sense of smell. This infusion increases your mental stability and balance, helps in the development of good cells, Sense of smell and there by hunger. It is good for people with diabetes and low immunity.

Element: Earth
Sense: Smell
Chakra: Muladhara
Character: Stability
Provides: Survival, Safety, Security

ElemenTea- Balance your element

The ElemenTea is a range of vedic infusions developed as an easy to use solution for health. They act on the panchabhootas or five elements in the body. Ayurveda states that health is a balance of the five elements in the body. Our infusions help to balance the bodily metabolism and aid in maintaining health.

Water Elemen Tea

The water ElemenTea balances the swadhistana chakra and stimulates the sense of taste. This infusion increases your self control, Energy retention, improves taste and absorption. It is good for people with uterine problems and hormonal imbalances.

Element: Water
Sense: Taste
Chakra: Swadhistana
Character: Absorption
Provides: Activity, Self control, Supporting nutrition

Fire ElemenTea

The Fire ElemenTea balances the Manipura Chakra and stimulates the sense of sight. This infusion increases your digestion, liver activity, brightness and sight. It is good for acid reflux, migraine and gas problems.

Element: Fire
Sense: Sight
Chakra: Manipura
Character: Assimilation
Provides: Digestion, Conversion to energy, Understanding, Joy

Wind ElemenTea

The Air ElemenTea balances the Anahata Chakra and stimulates the sense of touch. This infusion increases your blood circulation, heart functionality, sense of touch and gives joyfulness. It is good for people with B.P, Heart problems, skin problems and lethargy.

Element: Wind
Sense: Touch
Chakra: Anahata
Character: Movement
Provides: Energy, Love, Passion, Skill

Space ElemenTea

The Space ElemenTea balances the Visuddhi Chakra and stimulates the sense of Hearing. This infusion increases your clarity of thought, detoxification and aids in hearing and speech. It is good for people with Thyroid imbalances and speech impediments.

Element: Space
Sense: Hearing/ Speech
Chakra: Visuddhi
Character: Vastness/ existence
Provides: Purity, Aspirations, introspection

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