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Bio Vedic Flower remedies

Presenting a unique concept of well being researched from the Vedas

Bio-Vedic Flower therapy is a unique, no side-effects medicine that rectifies the physiological problems in the body by balancing the life-force (prana sakthi) of the person.

This is a result of over 30 years research into the Vedic scriptures and all medical systems in a quest to design a holistic approach for curing disease. As most are aware our current medical system, that relies on measurable evidence of disease and laboratory results cant provide solutions to all problems and most of the time has unquantified side effects as well. There is also a matter of breach of trust where institutions and practitioners alike are trying to take advantage of the fear of the patient. A more holistic approach is the need of the times now and the answer lies in the time tested traditional practices which have been disregarded and slowly becoming extinct.

Our attempt to address dis-ease as a manifestation of an imbalance in the energy flow has been in use for thousands of years as the naadi and chakra system or the meridian system of acupuncture and is hence time tested. Furthermore we have conducted tests for the past 10 years and recorded documents to prove their efficiency as well as their reliability and safety.

A Healthy body & mind is the normal state of existence for all living beings. All living organisms are inherently capable of healing themselves from within. Disease is manifest within the body due to an imbalance, blockage or disturbance in the flow of the “Pranasakthi” of the body. This life force flowing through the Chakras and Naadis, controls the metabolic functions of the body and thereby the health of the individual.

Is a form of subtle energy (not quantifiable by modern machines) that flows with in an organism sustaining the life. As mentioned in the Vedas it flows through the body in a particular fashion through the chakras and naadi’s. The ‘Caduces’, often used as a symbol of medical practice is modeled after the flow of life following through sushumna, ida and pingala naadis.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors saw energy in a different way (ways recently being dismissed) not with the help of tools but by employing their inner senses. They could sense the change s in the pattern of energy flow and diagnose the problems even before they were manifest in the physical body. This is not supernatural, paranormal or scary, it is just energy and it follows some, if not all, of the physical laws. One reason that it is very difficult to fully comprehend or explain bio-energy is that science doesn’t fully understand energy even in the classical sense.

Rigveda defines naadi as a stream that transports the prana or bio-energy throughout the body operating as channels or delivery system for chakras to clear and manage the physical system. Naadi’s not only conduct the prana throughout the body but also convert it into different types of energies for organs, glands, tissues etc. Ther are three main naadi’s ida, pangala and Sushumna but there are various naadis branching out from the chakras. The naadi system can be compared to the Chineese acupuncture meridian system. While there are only 12 meredian in acupuncture the first Upanishads put the number of naadis at 72,000.

Like most predominant Indo-European treatment systems vedic healing started by the third estate (working class) but then involved the priest class or other wise men and was propagated and passed on for generations. Vedic medicine may be characterized as a magico-religious system (the term implies more than it expresses and is not be taken in alight manner) where the cause of ill health is a demon and is defeated by a deity. So as to cure a disease one has to appease the deity by following certain practices, using parts of trees and chanting mantras. All deities are described in detail and have associated mudra, chihna, ayudha, mriga, vriksha etc. All the chakras and major naadis have also deities associated with them regulating the energy flow. Vedic knowledge has been passed down through the ages shrouded in symbology and religion by encoding divine knowledge in Vedas and Upanishads. Hence by following particular rituals a particular kind of energy can be harnessed. We have used the flowers representing different deities to use that energy to achieve healing.

Flower therapy comes form the concept of using trees and plants for healing purpose. All living organisms have an aura or life force flowing through them and around them creating a dynamic energy flow pattern of the organism with its environment as well as the universe. As said earlier the energy pattern of most humans is influenced by the environment and emotions causing imbalance and blockages. Trees grown in their native atmosphere on the other hand emit a strong and constant bio-magnetic field. This force or prabhava can be felt by everyone when they are in the vicinity of the right tree and can feel energised after a while sitting under the tree. All deities have been specified a certain plant ,in the Vedas, which emit the same energy pattern similar to that of the deity and can impart the same talent or can rectify a health condition that the deity cures.

Flowering stage is of great prominence as it is a neutral energy and the turning point in the change of one form of energy to another (i.e. wave like flowing through the body into life generating seed or corpuscular). The life force around a blooming flower is the highest as it converts the cosmic energy into the specific energy of that particular plant or of the deity. Raavan samhita describes the ways to use flowers for curing different ailments and the way to convert the bio-energy into medicine with the same energy pattern as that of the deity.

By doing research into the Vedas and all other associated medical and healing systems we have formulated energy medicines for a holistic healing process. We prepare the medicines as described in the Vedas and collect the flowers, early in the morning when they are blooming, form their natural settings or ecological niche. We have conducted medical trails for the last 10 years and have come up with amazing results.

The characteristics of our medicine are

Strong base in vedic and traditional practices validating the medicine.
Govt. Of India registered medicine with GMP certification.
Effects can be felt almost instantaneously.
Strong research into all areas of medicine and healing with a scientific (to the extent possible) explanation.
Completely safe to use.
Addressing most of the issues that are deemed untreatable.
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